Dr. Marika Lindholm, Sociologist, Entrepreneur & Writer


Did you know there are 15 million single moms living and working in the U.S? Dr. Marika Lindholm is certainly familiar with that statistic.  She raised 2 children on her own after going through a divorce. Marika, who has a doctorate in sociology and taught at Northwestern for more than 15 years, realized that single mothers from all different backgrounds lacked much needed resources, support and connections. And so...ESME.com was born - Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere, an on-line community that operates 24/7. Marika's also behind "We Got This: Solo Mom's Stories of Grit Heart and Humor." A recently published collection of 75 essays and stories from women, who come together to break the stigma around single moms. Needless to say - lots to talk about in our latest conversation.