Dec 10, 2019

Cassandra Greene, Pastor, Writer, Director, Activist

Cassandra Greene is a pastor, writer, director, producer, teacher, civil rights activist, domestic violence advocate...and...INSPIRATION. For more than a dozen years, she has directed the re-enactment of the infamous 1946 lynching murders of 2 black men and their wives on Georgia's Moore's Ford Bridge.
Her efforts are chronicled in the film, "Always in Season."  Cassandra has also conducted workshops, retreats and seminars on domestic violence, relationships and has also written plays and skits for several non-profits about bullying, sexual abuse and human trafficking.  There's no stopping this incredible, committed, creative woman!

Dec 3, 2019

KT Sullivan, singer, actress and artistic director of the Mabel Mercer Foundation

KT Sullivan is a woman of many talents.  The Broadway actress (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Three Penny Opera with Sting) and singer has headlined at the Oak Room of the legendary Algonquin Hotel and one of those performances, "Rhyme, Women and Song," was featured on WNET, New York City's public television station. KT's also performed at Carneige Hall, Lincoln Center, 54 Below, Birdland, The Kennedy Center in D.C. to name just a few. She also happens to be Artistic Director of the Mabel Mercer Foundation, which hosts the NY Cabaret Convention.  We're sure you'll enjoy getting to know yet another creative woman.

Nov 26, 2019

Elizabeth Suda, Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur, and Social Activist

Put simply:  the world needs more women like Elizabeth Suda!  After two years working in the Merchandising Department of Coach, she bagged it all and headed for Laos.  Elizabeth was on a mission to understand how local, sustainable crafts made by women could become part of the global fashion industry.  It was there that she learned bout the Secret War in Laos (1963-1974), which left behind 80 million unexploded bombs.  That trip made quite an impact, because before long, Article22 was born, and with it, the Peacebomb bracelet, handmade by local Laotian artists from Vietnam War shrapnel.  Article22 has developed into a global business with an ever evolving collection of jewelry.  This is truly a conversation you can't afford to miss!

Nov 19, 2019

Dr. Anne Fishel, Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist, Professor

You're about to meet one amazing, accomplished, committed woman who really is making a difference in the world.  Not only is Dr. Anne Fishel a clinical psychologist, family therapist, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, Director of the Family and Couple Therapy Program at Mass General, she's also the Executive Director and co-founder of The Family Dinner Project.   Its goal is to encourage and help families have more frequent and meaningful dining experiences - certainly a challenge in today's world.  Needless to say, there's plenty to take away from our latest conversation.

Nov 12, 2019

Dr. Marika Lindholm, Sociologist, Entrepreneur & Writer

Did you know there are 15 million single moms living and working in the U.S? Dr. Marika Lindholm is certainly familiar with that statistic.  She raised 2 children on her own after going through a divorce. Marika, who has a doctorate in sociology and taught at Northwestern for more than 15 years, realized that single mothers from all different backgrounds lacked much needed resources, support and connections. And was born - Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere, an on-line community that operates 24/7. Marika's also behind "We Got This: Solo Mom's Stories of Grit Heart and Humor." A recently published collection of 75 essays and stories from women, who come together to break the stigma around single moms. Needless to say - lots to talk about in our latest conversation.  

Nov 5, 2019

The Carr-Petrova Duo

Violist Molly Carr and pianist Anna Petrova make beautiful music together and audiences around the world are so grateful!  Acclaimed international soloists, the two joined forces and formed the Carr-Petrova Duo. In August, 2018, they launched "Novel Voices," a year long initiative aimed at raising awareness of the lives and struggles of refugees around the world. They visited 8 camps in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East performing, holding workshops and filming the life stories of their diverse audience members. This is an important, moving conversation with 2 committed, talented and not easily intimidated women who are making a difference!

Oct 29, 2019

Barbara Miller and Leyla Hussein, Filmmakers & Social Activists

You are about to meet and get to know two extraordinary, passionate, committed women. Swiss filmmaker Barbara Miller* is the woman behind the powerful documentary #Female Pleasure. It follows five courageous women from different cultures as they struggle for justice and equality as they take charge of their own bodies. And one of those women is Leyla Hussein, a Somali-born, British psycho-therapist and social activist who was genitally mutilated at the age of seven. She has made it her mission to fight against female genital mutilation or FGM, as well as for the sexual determination of Muslim women worldwide. This is one empowering, moving, critically important conversation.

Sep 10, 2019

Claudia Nankervis, Entertainment Producer

Direct from Australia, Claudia Nankervis, who by the way, is not my first guest from the 'land down under.' That distinction goes to her filmmaker mom, who I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing a while back. Her dad, by the way, Brian Nankervis, co-hosts a RocKwiz, a popular tv music show back home. Needless to say Claudia was introduced to the arts at a young age and she's capitalized on that. She's worked in radio, interned at a film production company in NYC and worked at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She currently co-hosts a podcast and is developing a web series.

Dec 25, 2018

Lek Chailert, Elephant Conservationist, Revisited

It is an honor to introduce Lek Chailert, an award-winning conservationist, who has spent the last 20+ years working tirelessly to improve the condition and promote the welfare of elephants in her native Thailand and throughout Asia. In 2005 she was named "Hero of Asia" by Time Magazine and in 2010, was honored by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as one of six Women Heroes of Global Conservation. Not only has her work been documented by National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, CNN and the BBC, she is also the focus of the moving documentary, "Love and Bananas: An Elephant Story." This is a fascinating conversation with an absolutely remarkable woman!

Aug 28, 2018

Jill Schlesinger, Revisited - Certified Financial Planner and Business Analyst

Money matters to Jill Schlesinger. And to that end, the Certified Financial Planner covers the economy, markets, investing and whatever else contains a $-sign. An Emmy-nominated Business Analyst for CBS News, she shares her expertise on the network's radio and tv stations across the country. You'll want to make time to listen to Jill's jaw-dropping, but empowering stories about what it's been like to be a woman in a man's world.  

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