Jan 8, 2019

Pearl Gluck, Filmmaker

Pearl Gluck has stories to tell, including her own. As a filmmaker she's been doing so for 20 years. Pearl, who grew up in the insular, cloistered tight-knit Hasidic community of Boro Park, Brooklyn, left to attend college. She's written, directed several documentaries and award winning short films. And now, "The Turn Out," Pearl's first full-length feature which explores sex trafficking at rural truck stops. Pearl shares her personal and professional journeys in this open, honest, heart-warming conversation.

Jan 12, 2016

Donna Ferrato

You're in for a riveting, eye-opening, disturbing conversation with Donna Ferrato. The internationally acclaimed and awarding-winning photojournalist is behind the groundbreaking documentation of the hidden world of domestic violence. Her book, Living With the Enemy, went into 4 printings and along with exhibitions and lectures, sparked a national discussion on sexual violence and women's rights. This is a conversation that should not be missed.

Jun 2, 2015

Aryn Quinn

ArynQuinn.pngAryn Quinn has some tale to tell. She, like her mother and sister, is a domestic abuse survivor. As a young child, she watched her father brutally beat her mother - and was powerless to help. Aryn's helping now. The former model is the founder and CEO of EndAbuse4Good - a nonprofit aimed at preventing dating and domestic abuse against teens, women and children. Its goal is to make sure every student in the U.S. takes a class dedicated to preventing domestic abuse before it begins. Students learn about teen dating violence, self-esteem and the need to stay on track with their personal goals. This is a conversation you can't afford to miss.